A green deal for new technologies

The Government has recently launched the new Green Deal, designed to help business and home owners to install more green technologies into their properties.

The idea is that you pay little or no ‘up front’ costs and pay back cost through your energy bill over a period of time.

Unlike a conventional loan, the cost and pay back stays with the property and not the bill payer or owner.

There is a strict protocol or process for procuring the work which must commence with a ‘Green Deal’ provider.

Tenants can also apply for a Green Deal but require the consent of the landlord and conversely the landlord can apply so long as they have consent of the tenant. From April 2018 it will be unlawful to rent out a house which has less than an ‘E’ energy efficiency rating, so now may be the time to start thinking about the energy efficiency of your property.

Businesses will also be subject to the Green Deal improvement deadline of April 2018 and will require an ‘E’ rating or better by this date.  Funding for businesses is currently under review but its likely to be higher than home owner allowances.

Come and talk to us about how the various improvements will benefit you or your tenants.