Architectural drawings

Architectural drawings

We can provide full AutoCAD drawings in 2D as standard and 3D versions of drawings are available upon request. We are also able to provide artistic impressions of any design proposals or extend this to full computer generated images of any schemes to provide images of buildings as if they already existed in their proposed form on a site.

Typically AutoCAD drawings for a scheme would, as a minimum, include all relevant elevations and floor plans and these would be prepared in an industry standard AutoCAD format, however these can be converted to more user friendly file formats such as jpeg or pdf as required.

Furthermore, depending upon our clients’ requirements and the needs of any particular project we are able to prepare a full range of detail drawings required for design purposes. This would typically include services layouts, landscaping, drainage designs and detailed constructional drawings.

Where necessary, we are also able to work with other specialist sub-consultants and suppliers including structural engineers, mechanical and electrical consultants, alternative energy consultants, ecologists and arboriculturalists in order to ensure that all design information is procured and co-ordinated.

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