Building control & planning applications

Building control
& planning applications

The two key stages to the design and procurement of a construction project, from a relatively modest extension through to a major development of a site, are obtaining suitable planning and building control approvals. We are able to provide a full planning advice and design service, co-ordinating all of the necessary specialists for the purpose of preparing and submitting a planning application to your local authority.

We will, in advance, advise you on any potential costs and hurdles associated with the planning process which may not ordinarily be apparent from the outset of a scheme and provide advice to help achieve a positive outcome to your application. We are happy to liaise with any Estate Agents to ensure ‘ best value ’ in respect of any speculative or commercial development proposals and design as part of this application process.

As part of any appointment we are able to provide drawings suitable for obtaining conditional Building Control approval from your Local Authority. These are not full design or detail drawings for tender or construction purposes but are drawings which are prepared to demonstrate that the proposed works satisfy the statutory requirements of the Building Regulations ‘Approved Documents’. We are also able to procure any associated information that may be required to support a Building Control application including structural calculations and SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations on behalf of our clients.

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