Contract administration & project management

Contract administration
& project management

We are also able to act as client’s agent providing independent advice together with project management and monitoring services to oversee the delivery of a scheme, on behalf of our clients, where we do not form part of the team designing and delivering the construction project. This role is most frequently required in Design and Build type projects or projects where measures need to be in place to ensure that the particular requirements and interests of our client(s) are met.

An appointment for a complete contract administration or project management role would typically involve us carrying out the full design and specification of the proposed project works, with the associated production and issue of tender documents. As part of this process we would be able to appoint, or work alongside, any other specialist sub-consultants required to ensure that a comprehensive design and specification package covering all aspects of the works was prepared.

In conjunction with these processes we would offer advice regarding the choice of a suitable form of contract upon which the tender documents would be prepared and the contract ultimately let, in the event that works progressed to site. Within this role we would therefore typically provide a full architectural design role including the compilation and submission of any Building Control, Planning or similar applications required to ensure that all relevant statutory consents were obtained.

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